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Whats the name of the game?

Whats the name of the game?
Whats the name of the game?

Or: What personality coaching does for you? The reasons for personality coaching interest are as diversified as live situations itself: There is a company restructuring going on and all of a sudden you are asked to work with a complete different team. Nothing is like it was before. Which can cause lots of constraint. But you would like to feel confident and comfortable in your job again.

Or due to a promotion you are forced to act as a supervisor to your former team colleagues? How to cope with this situation? Should you really take the chance on the attractive job offer abroad and therefore leave the cosy private surroundings behind? Not an easy decision! Did you not – in secret – for a long time think of being occupied in a completely different field but did not dare to let it become true? Maybe you repeatedly find yourself in exact the same difficulties again and again due to a certain way of thinking or acting and are aiming to get rid of it?

Also in private there may be changes that force to reflexion. A shift, the decision on buying real estate, illnesses of family members or anything placing new demands?
Whatever situation live gives, there is always need to take own decisions in order to grow and develop. Those situations are supported by personality coaching.
It is not being advised by an expert, but being accompanied by a pro.

Together with a professionally educated and experienced coach a situation or a problem is illuminated from various perspectives and reveals opportunities in your personal range.

Professional coaching by Cornelia Morhardt Mindful Change is based on the systemic-evolutionary approach of TRIGON Development Advice, Salzburg, Austria.

The main three base points are:

  1. Not only the outer change situation is focussed but far more the impact of the interaction of the inner and the outer systems. This creates a holistic view, a systemic analysis.
  2. The omnipresent change, which is sometimes slow and hardly noticeable, sometimes surprising and sudden is always kept in mind. With regards to own development phases, the development of all counterparts and surrounding systems solutions have to be useful not only today but sustainably for as much as possible future steps in development.  
  3. Mindful change means the better we are aware of current changes the easier we can cope with it and the less constraint we have to face. A higher level of self—awareness leads to a higher level of self-confidence.

How does this work?

For example by the question: What´s the name of the game?

What is the game you are currently in? What´s its purpose? What is your purpose? Your goal? Watt are the goals of the outer system? Which rules are valid? What are your personal rules and on which values are they based on? Are you ready to play especially this current game? Who are your co-players? Your conterparts? Which game changers are available for you? What should you do to be prepared and trained better?

Proven and creative coaching tools lead to precious deliberation on those and lots of other questions. Inbetween two coaching sessions there is opportunity to use the new clarity, to try out solutions and to consider findings in order to proceed personality development. Mindful change coaching accompany the process of development in a structured and thoughtful way. It supports personal transformation, expands the ability of self-conduct and brings your own problem solution competences onto a higher level.
Each coaching starts with a first cost-free meeting. There is no risk for you, but all chances are there.

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