Philosophy • Mindful Change Coaching


Personalities as well as companies have a legitimate interest in optimization. This does not necessarily mean an exclusion of health, motivation, sustainability and personal development, as long as the focus on human beings and companies is holistic. Grown up in a family run company, staff and business issues were daily topics.

During the studies of Economics and Japanology those issues gained depth and extension likewise but above all the japanese KAIZEN-philosophy of permanent change became a constant companion. Much more than tools for saving, effectivity increase, process and optimization it is a holistic way of system consideration and a life style of omnipresent change.

Due to the fact that everything is changing always we cannot help but adapting to change. Continuously, sometimes hardly noticeable, now and then surprisingly or even in bursts.

Cornelia Morhardt Mindful Chance aims to support personalities and companies in realizing their change projects in a structured and above all mindful way. In order to make sure that despite all change and development they are able to remain true and authentic.