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Systemic-evolutionary coaching by Cornelia Morhardt Mindful is based of the concepts of TRIGON Development Advice, Salzburg (Austria) and accompanies private persons teams, executives and companies in threshold situations, during roll changes, in decisions, conflicts, strategy definition and development of personalities and teams.

Coaching for private Persons

“Professional coaching does not mean expert advice but accompaniment by a pro“. Decision-making situations are far more easier to cope with when being supported by a well-educated and experienced coach in order to look at the potentials in a structured and professional way. It results in certainty, self confidence and self awareness. To illuminate a private or professional role change from various perspectives is enormously helpful in order to increase the capability of acting consciously in the new radius of action and to grow into the new role.

Conflicts, inner and outer threshold situations are much easier to pass through, when goals, values and thoughts patterns are clearly defined. In which way and which speed is part of your own goal creation and together we illuminate the variety of paths as well as your abilities and skills you already are aware of or those you are aiming.

The professional methods of systemic-evolutionary coaching provide a mindful and sustainable self control within changing live conditions. Thereby the ability of problem solving increases as well as the freedom of action as a core of personal development. Systemic means looking at the big whole.

As a single human being everybody is part of all surrounding systems. Part of a family system, part of a professional surrounding, part of a society and way more. All those outer systems have an impact on thoughts, emotions and actions. At the same time everyone keeps inside an own system of values, thought patterns, emotions and ways of action that has an impact on the outer systems. Considering this interaction during coaching reveals inner and outer impacts and leads to the awareness of available strengths to be used for bearing threshold situations.

What does evolutionary mean? Change is a steady thing. Evolutionary coaching integrates the philosophy of an omnipresent inner and outer change in order to create sustainable solutions that are not only helpful today but also with regards to further personal development.

COaching for executives

Systemic-evolutionary coaching by Cornelia Morhardt Mindful Change is based on the approaches of TRIGON Development Advice, Salzburg (Austria) und accompanies executives in their personal development. Especially in threshold situations, in situations of role changing during organizational transformations, during conflicts, decision-taking phases, transformation phases and in goal creation steps. It aims for the personality development of executives with regards to mindful self conduct and leadership and likewise increases the capabilities of problem solving and mindful acting.

Coaching in Change-Management

Change Management by Cornelia Morhardt Mindful Change includes accompaniment of all actors in a transforming system. According to the systemic-evolutionary approach of TRIGON Development Advice, Salzburg (Austria) all phases in a change management project are used to mindfully support teams and their heads while taking inner and outer development steps. As precious part of the big whole each personality and its interaction is in the focus of attention by single coaching and team coaching sessions. 

Team Coaching 

Cornelia Morhardt Mindful Change accompanies teams in professional workshops during development phases and thereby increases team effectivity, identification, motivation, awareness and productivity as well as mindful interaction.