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Personal coaching

Being a well-trained and long life experienced coach I am happy to accompany you by professional and personal coaching. Coaching means work sessions in which step by step answers are getting worked out. Answers to questions like: What exactly is my current situation? What exactly is it, I would like to achieve? Which are my opportunities? Which resources are already available to me and what do I need additionally?

What is my benefit from personal coaching?

Getting a clear view to your future way helps to become sure on the very next steps. Your personal path beginning from the actual set point all the way to your goals undergoes your personal and suiting design. You take the wheel in your hands, wheather it is concerning your job live or your private live situations.

How does personal coaching work?

During 5 to 12 coaching sessions depending on your issues individual goals as well as opportunities, ways of thinking, behavior, positioning and acting are highlighted by focused dialogues, professional interventions and agreements. Those provide a clear concept you try out and prove in daily life in your individual speed and intensity.

What kind of issues are suitable for personal coaching?

There is neither a limit when it comes to issues on professional life, nor on private live in which clearity might be missing. Be it decisions on several options, a role change, changing parameters around you that ask for orientation or quesitions on an individual career. Professional coaching is the most individual and efficient way to selfcontrol and empowerment.

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