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From co-workers to co-activators

From co-workers to co-activators
From co-workers to co-activators

What is needed to make employees motivated and engaged co-activators?

Emotional bonding to companies is hardly found.

Lots of studies already have prooved: Employees rarely show an emotional bonding to their daily tasks or their companies.

Most employers wish for energetic, interested and engaged employees. Ones who not only skillfully work on their tasks, but who show motivation, a sense of innovation and creativity. People who wish to activate. How to push passionate co-activity?

Professionality results from profession, not from jobbing.

What is needed to make employees professional and passionate?


Employees build their life-planning on work contracts. Insecure, limited and loose work contracts are not a very solid basis for deep trust. But there is more: When an employees “YES” towards a company is valued as a further “human resource”, loyalty can hardly be expected. Loyalty as a value needs significance on both sides and it can be actively created, deepened and supported. Responsibility of companies and executives should not only be measured in responsibility results but in human responsibility. Then employees are ready to co-activate their loyalty towards the company and act accordingly.


Permanent change causes uncertainty in daily work life. Opened communication especially in insecure situations may be a means for increasing understanding. But this is not sufficient at all. Common values which are agreed and accepted and moreover transparent and well understood create a solid company culture which remains solid even in turbulences. Communication on the deeper sense of decisions, even if necessarily often revised, remains trusty, there it is comprehensive and transparent.


Co-Activtors want to be seen and appreciated for power, engagement, creativity, loyalty and all their input. Far beyond compensation and add-ons there is need for appreciating communication. Work Overload, pressure and over-expectation make it hard to show appreciation. But more than optimizing core processes there is need fo training on executives in leadership and how to face people in words, gesture, body-language and in presencing, in order to make them able to display appreciation.


Demanding times in the first place seem to ask for increases in effectivity, productivity and make it hard to leave space for mindfulness among daily changes and regulations. But as a matter of fact, a lack of mindfulness decreases effectivity and productivity more than optimization may be able to balance out. Mindful leadership is a proven way of sustainably and effectively supporting the legitimate interest in more output, less sich leave, less defects and by the way amends a positive company culture.

Loyalty, sense, appreciation and mindfulness are only four of a lot of values that help us on the way to a new company culture in which employees engaged, motivated, reliable and emotionally bounded co-activators.

If you would like to know how to make your co-workers acting as co activators, please contact Cornelia Morhardt Mindful Change Coaching.