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Create future proved leadership

Create future proved leadership
Create future proved leadership

How can we lead teams and employees in a mindful way? 

HOME-OFFICE as a Work-Model has become a necessity. What does this mean for future leadership?

Already before the corona-lockdown there were the signs. Climate change as well as digital change or increasing rents. Change elements that made it harder to justify business travel or precious work spaces. Leading teams and employees the up-to-date way means… what exactly? 

Framework adapting only is not sufficient at all.

Most of the companies have understood that employees not only want to work from home, but sometimes must. Many companies have learned that we need to use digital tools more and more for avoiding travel, costs and environmental load.

But moreover there is deeper change work to do.

What is it, that has to be reconsidered and redefined?


Don’t we already know, that it is time to we say farewell to the traditional delegation of tasks? Employee-Coaching instead of directing is the up-to-date way of leadership. Consulting teams, using and directing their whole know-how instead of distributing single tasks. Agile project management instead of classic project lead needs to be established.


Appreciating communication, motivating coaching, challenging and promoting task formulation etc. are also conveyable by E-mail and team software. Future proved leadership asks for a mindful way of using words in the right context. Mindful listening and mindful seeing are to be learned. And how to act in a video conference is nowadays leadership basic knowledge.


When direct control is not possible, real trust has a chance to increase. Fake-Home-Office, time-tracking fraud or faking knowledge by quickly googleing know-how are daily facts. But is there really a big difference to common office work? Wherever there is a lack of trust, the quality of cooperation is threatened, no matter if face to face or online.

Responsibility vs. Identification

The word responsibility may cause pressure. The word trust rather motivates. Where employees identify with their company, bossy pushing is not necessary at all. Identification helps in focussing the tasks and the belief in an employees own skill of self-organisation amends the chance of reaching the goals together.

Feedback 4.0

Not solely to expect task fulfilling but to actively become visible as a leader may be new for some executives. But mindful listening, thoughtful commenting and even short video workday check-ins and check-outs may contribute to the growth of future mindful leadership and helps minimizing the physical distance.

A new way of planning

Planning together with the team is the future prerequisite for keeping a time frame, for innovation and for sustainable decision-taking. Leadership from “outside” should be shaped by clarity and transparency and by common planning and time-setting.


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