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Bye-bye COVID and now let’s get back again?

Bye-bye COVID and now let's get back again?
Bye-bye COVID and now let’s get back again?

What Companies Need To Implement Now!


What we experienced during the Corona crisis is a renewed increase in psychological stress in the population. Among parents, children, couples and single people. Being too close to each other is just as damaging as too much isolation. Extremes are seldom good, that’s for sure. People need contacts, exchange and other people. As a corrective, as a motivation. They also need areas of friction and above all: confirmation. And the whole thing in changing reference groups.

What do we learn from this for the world of work?

That companies have to actively bring their employees and teams together. In order to keep their workforce and corporate culture healthy, top executives should proactively promote balance. Between sole responsibility on the one hand and collaborative work on the other. This requires the famous “eye” on it. The “go and see” in the sense of perception of people in companies and the question:

How do our employees actually work together?

Are there enough opportunities to exchange ideas, to solve community tasks and to lead team processes? Do we cultivate a coaching leadership style in the individual tasks in which the individual is seen, recognized and encouraged? Group tasks, yes, but not permanently. Individual tasks yes, too, but also not in the long term. It’s all about the mix and the variety! And the important thing: The whole thing must therefore take place in changing reference groups so that companies move away from a pure coordination system for functions towards a healthy networked organization of motivated people.


Leadership is not a task that can be done on the side. Anyone who leads several people during these times must not be overwhelmed by day-to-day business. Otherwise the leadership work will be neglected and nobody and nothing will be served. High-quality management work is rarely adequately taught in any training. It is mostly learned “on the job” in companies and also costs some sacrifices on the way to becoming a supportive manager.

Even managers are the victims after a few years and can hardly go back.

It was especially difficult for them now, when executives had to learn to lead under these conditions. But it is in the hands of all companies not only to provide their managers with qualifications such as further training lessons, but also to pursue quality development in terms of development support. “Train the trainer” is the magic word here. Managers need motivating, supportive supervision in order to be able to lead other people in a motivated and equally beneficial way. Because leading is a job, not just a talent or a qualification. It is a highly complex task that has to be learned by doing and that requires experienced, permanently accompanying trainers! And it takes time!


Companies and workforces have been pushed to their limits and sometimes beyond. Now processes have to find each other again, and workflows have to be redesigned. The trend towards digitization is just as unstoppable as it is important. That became clear in the C-crisis. But that goes hand in hand with the increasing abundance and the increasing speed with which data and information have to be processed and processes operated. And the whole thing in increasing complexity.

Yes, that is humanly possible!

But only if a counter-movement creates the balance! Only if the counter-movement of stopping, pausing and perceiving is just as carefully trained to increase speed and complexity. Otherwise the “muscle” of the constant increase in performance and capacity will inevitably wear out, ignite, or refuse to work. It also needs the “connective tissue” around it, which provides stability, support and long-term, healthy performance. Both are combined in the way to change processes in the future in a mindful and promising way, in order to adapt them to the changing conditions.

And now – what to do?

Mindfulness trainers for organizations and qualified coaches are available to ensure that seeing people, recognizing leadership as work and mindful process change does not sink into good intentions or theory, but is actually meaningfully integrated into the corporate culture Cornelia Morhardt at Mindful Change. Feel free to contact me HERE by e-mail or phone and let me advise you in an initial consultation free of charge.